To me Internet is a sea … whenever i require something i just search for it in the internet and most of the time i get what i want… last week when i baought my new Nokia 3250 phone which’s OS was Symbian 9.1 Series 60. I found less availability of softwares as the firmware of the phone is the latest release of Symbian OS… (Sometime Staying updated becomes a problemImage)

But i didn’t loose my head…  I set before my pc 2/3 days ago. and came to know that most of the softwares are trial and beta versions… Then i thaught that i have to wait until new softwares or the existing softwares new versions are released for the new S60 v3 (Symbian 9.1) platform.

Last day i found two great websites for Symbian resources … where many softwares are available for free the links are

  1. Series60V3
  2. Series60

Second one is a russian website which requires registration to download any resources from the site… So i had to register into the website with all the text written in russian language Image
it almost required 4/5 attempts to get the registration done as i am guessing what field is meaning what ? Image at last i was able to do the registration and i donwloaded many softwares and themes for my new phone …

I wonder each and every time while i am exploring the capabilities of a symbian smartphone… A platform like windows linux or symbian gives any system plugablity and programmability to extend the system and make useful application for it.

Symbian is a very strong contender in the mobile device market share …  as almost 70% of the market share belongs to this and windows CE, pocket pc or others are sharing the rest of the market share…

I have desire to develop software for my own phone… that would be very amazing …  Image now i am looking for the development tools for developing softwares for Symbian…

Ohhh  i almost forget  that i have left the blog entry’s title far away … as i am talking about developing software now Image while i was describing the process how i found software for my phone …Image anyway this is it for today