I had a dreamImage to become a Software Engineer ( True software engineer Image. not like the people who are titled with this tag but does not know the pure software enigneering practeices)
and design good softwares and raise our country’s flag more to the world Image

The dream is still there but i have a drift in my career pathImage (Changing my track from Software industry to Telecom Industry… ) And i think the dream is lot more unreachable now as my working context has changed. It was rather more realistic while i was working in a software company as developer…Image
I love to write code and see the reaction …  ImageI can still remember the sleepless nights i have passed in programming during my studentlife … At that time Solving problems was the most exciting thing i could think of … Image
Still now I dreamImage of the rising of the Software Industry of our country over Telecom Industry I will surely switch back to Software industry whenever it is possible Image… to make my dream a success …