Yes, I am back from home after enjoying my EID! Image
Thaugh i returned very early i have passed my time with my family and enjoyed a lot… Image Going to the  Eidgah with my father and my bro… is an unique feeling that i get every year…

Sometime i think that eid does not come each year with the same joy i had when i was a jr. may be the viewpoint of eid has moved to some extent as i have grown… Image

I am feeling very happy Image after been able to return to dhaka safely and early coz the political situation of the country is getting very very hot… Image

It might have been the case that, i fail to come dhaka to attend my office because of the strike called by the present opposition party…  Image

Sometime i think Image where are we (country) going Image… it seems that we are a visionless country … without any kind of short term and longterm goal… The political parties or leaders are taking us into the darkest and deepest hole … Image