Last few days i am looking around the image gallary of Flickr… Image

I get to know about this site when visited PageFlakes Image. This is basically an Ajax based website and it has now became very popular and it is now considered as best of the best in Ajax technology… Image

In this website you are given a page where u can drag and drop tiny little applet kind of thing they call it flake Image

When i created my starter page with default flakes Image there i found a flake of Flickr Image where many interesting and very cool looking pictures where displayed as thumbniles Image

From then i have been a fan of Flickr Image. As far as i know this website is the largest photo sharing website like YouTube (The Video sharing website recently baught by Google by Billions of DollarsImage. and it was only a year and a half old before it was sold ).

Sample Illustration of YouTube

I found this featutre very exciting and i have plan to share videos with you whenever i find them interesting … so keep an eye one my blog Image

I found the image collection of Flickr very interesting and exciting … Another importent thing later i came to know that it is possible to show my uploaded photos in flickr through Photostreaming from my 360 webpage Then i submitted some of my photos in Flickr and plugged in the photostream in my 360 page …

Now I am in deep attraction with Flickr. While exploring the pictures i have a new desire to become a photographer Image… Image

anyway i will try my wayImage to share as many photos in Flickr …