In this sequel i am gonna write the most sceariest feelings i have experienced during my student life Image

It was during the period of my H.S.C. (12th class). Exam …  So far i have done good in my exams… Image On that day i had Physics Practical exam … I was able to attend the exam room on time …

In the exam I was very tensed about the topic i get Image. After some time, i took the token in which the experiment topic was  specified… and luckly i got the topic i was expecting Image… and i was able to finish the experiment at first chance so i was very happy… Image After the exam i attended the Viva and did well … Image
When the exam is over … i with my friends went back to the dorm where i used to live during my college life Image … i was very happy that the exam was over and was making fun with  my friends … Image
After some time… i  was going to do my routined task …  ‘Taking the admit card reg card off my hand bag to my locker’  Image
When i opened the bag i felt that a thunderblast just struck in my head Image I found that my exam script is in my bag… Image I was totally fooled … Image I was preety much confirm that they gonna expel me. Image Many kinds of thaughts started to hover in my brain … Image
What should i tell to my parents Image ?? Loss of an education year Image??? All my study went Vain Image?? and so many things … Image
Then i step up and started for my college to give a try … Image When i reached my college i found my classmates looking for me Image… told that teachers are looking for me … Then i got more sceared Image

When i entered the exam room the conversation between me and teachers was like this Image

Teacher: ‘Are u Kamrul Hasan?’
Me: Yes Image
Teacher: ‘Where is ur exam Script?’
Me: I told the whole story … Image
Teacher: ‘We gonna expel u … ‘
Me: Please sir don’t do that and bla bla bla Image

Teacher: ‘Did u copy(Nokol) the anser ?’
Me: No sir, You can take the viva  Image
Seeing my face another teacher told that ok i’ll take another viva for him Image… I was able to answer all the question Image…  At last they was satisfied and let me go without expeling Image

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am relived by the GOD’s hand Image … Then i discovered that the windows of the room are filled with faces of my classmates staring at me Image

I felt very greatful to God surely he’d saved me on that day Image… otherwise situation could be different for me and my life Image… I am very sceary about frustration …  Image It spoils everything …

Next one is coming very soon …