The second most sceariest incident Image… Please excuse me Image coz i was unable to shorten the incident … It’s boaring to read a BIG BLOGImage

I had ‘Higher Math’ as optional subject in my 12th class… So i was a bit careless about the subject… Image You all might know that this subject has 25% marks in Practical Image… Yes, this incident is also related to practical Exam Image …

Round the two year of my study in my college, I hardly heard that the practical class is going on …  though i attended only 20~25 classes in my college life… Image The practical exam of this subject was scheduled to be held probably 4~5 days after the completion of other subjects Image. As I can remember the day was monday … Teachers gave us briefing about the Exam on Wednesday … Image

I prepared my WorkBook within Thursday and i just need to sign off the WorkBook Image. I thaught what should i do being in the dormImage? rather going to see my parents … so, i left for home on thursday night … it was a very short journey of 1 hr. to go to my home … Image

When i came to home, i came to know that Grandfather(Nana) is sick. Image  So i decided to go to see my Grandfather and Pass some time with my Cousins Image(‘Nengta kaler BondhuImage‘) .  I reached there at about 10:00 AM on Friday… Image

After having a lot of fun i with my Cousin were preparing for sleep at around 11:00 PMImage …  Suddenly I heared the Peep of a car … so we went out to see who came … Image

When i reached before the car, I saw my father getting down from the car Image… I was very surprised to see him that… He immedietly told me to Take my bag and bagage and get into the car… Image Tomorrow is ur Exam … Image Image Image

You can easily imaging my situation … My Workbook has not been signed yet Image and i have no chance for taking a good preparation … Image

I was so tensed that i forgot to take my bag and got into the car… ImageLater my cousin took my bag to me … Image I heard the whole story from my father while we started for comilla … … …Image

Because of the external proctor (Don’t know what was his problem Image) the exam was taken forward to Saterday Image.  Two of my room mates named Didar (who is a doctor nowImage) and Sarwar (doing his Ms in Victoria collegeImage) went to my home to inform me about this matter (Mobile phone was not very much popular at that time Image) … Then my father came to the village to take me back to comilla … Image

The Starngest thing is that my room mates was never been to my home before… ImageThey just heard about my home … If they didn’t went to my home then i surely have missed the exam … ImageI am greatful to them  for beging in this position today … Image

Later my father droped me in my dorm at comilla … ImageWhen i reached to my room seeing them My eyes filled into tears … ImageI was very Lucky to have such friends Image… I didn’t thank them coz it would be insulting for them … Image

In the next morning I went to my teachers house at around 8AM and signed off the workbook… Image she didn’t tell anything because the exam was taken forward… Image I attended the exam and did well… Later i came to know that 3 of us failed to attend the exam for this stupid kind of step taken by the college authority… Image

Well, this is it for today … Image Thanks for reading this with so much patience … Image