So far in my life, I stayed in many places. like Comilla, Sylhet, Chandpur, B. Baria and Dhaka because my father was a govt. employee… Image I passed most of the time of my childhood in Sylhet (Kaligonj) i went there when i was 5 . I was there upto class 7 Image

We used to come for visit to my home at the end of each year Image. Thats why, end of the year was the most awaited and excited time …  Image During the vacation we used to stay in our Grandparents (Nana nani) home Image.  From there we used to go to my home to see my Grandmother and uncles (Chacha)… Image

At that time there was many fox…  Image It was very sceary when it was dark as the foxes started to shout loud Image… So going to toilet after it is dark was very sceary Image. Whenever it was time to respond to natural call i used to go with my mom… Image  So, I always used to complete the course as soon as possible… Image

Most of the time season of the vacations was winter… very nice time to have vacation.. ImageDuring the time of our vacation (Grandmother) used to make Pitha every year…  Image My Aunts, mom and Grandmother used to make pithas (cake). The most common were mera pitha, shewai, pakun pitha, bhapa pitha etc…  Image Sometimes we the cousins also joined to make pithas… Image

Generally the time of pitha utshob (festival) started in the evening… Image during the time of making pitha we used to play gullachut and lukuchuri in the uthan under moon light…  Imagethe environment was awesome… Image we used to play until we were exhaused enough… Image

when the preparation of pithas (cakes) were over, we went for the feast of pitha in the uthan under the moon Image. we used to sit  in a chatai (mat). the sitting arrangement was like a circle.Image

I can’t express the feeling remembering the memories while writing the blog … Image the memories still freash in my memory… Image