Everyone is aware of the current situation of the country. The two major parties are sticked to their own wish which is leading the country into deep trouble.

It was started by BNP when they first became the first political government in 1991. Manipulating the Election process to be in the governing position, whatever the mass people’s vote is!. In this process they organized that historical election in 1996 while they were in government… But failed to stay in power as the mass people started to protest against them…

The next political Government AL also tried to manipulate the Election process and  to divert the peoples mandet to there way, But failed coz at that time the Caretaker government was active. But, what is the role current caretaker government is palying??

We all know that 4 party alliance has manipulated the institutions related to election upto ground level. But, What the shit the Chief advisor Image is doing sitting in that position keeping the major ministries under his control. .

He is an educated person. I thought that he will use his head as he has the power. Nobody of the country except 4 party alliance has found any clue that he is Nutral person. There is no doubt in peoples mind that he is totally biased towards 4 party alliance…

Being calm, the amount of damage he is doing to the economy of our country is unthinkable! Can you imagine, the inflation we have faced in recent month?, leading the business of country into a great trouble

And AzizImage?? I want to keep this blog clean.  i don’t wanna use any slang words in my blog.

What does the chief advisor and his allied party think? The people of this country will stay calm and cool???? Off course not…

What do u think ???