I like Football/Soccer a lot. and very fond of watching English Premier League. games. I am a fan of Chelsea, the Champions.

Chelsea are the defending chempions for the last two seasons. But this season they are facing a lot of trouble to secure there positions in the top. They are 3 Points behind of ManU. ManU are in great form. They are miles ahead of Chelsea in goal difference. So Chelsea have to make sure they beat ManU to be in better place then they are now in…

On 26th November The Most importent game will take place between the top two teams in this Premiership Seasons. The current rank is as follows

  1. Manchester United. (Match Played: 13, Points: 34, Goal Diff: 23 )
  2. Chelsea. (Match Played: 13, Points: 31, Goal Diff: 16 )

I am very Tensed about the result… Are you?