Computers first came in bangladesh in 1980’s. But the most of the people did not have the idea of computers till the computer fair ‘BCS Computer Show’ organized by BCS in 1998. I also didn’t had any idea regarding computers before attending that Show Image.

I was fascinated seeing so many computers in a show. My cousine who was a Electical engineer. who took me to that show. described be about the details. Since then i had dream to study computer science not to become a computer engineer/ software engineer, but to use computers Image. Because my parents will not buy a computer for me if my education does not require that Image.

When i passed my Higher Secondary. I took admission to Titumir College in English Image. Studied there for 1 year but i didn’t find any interest in those literature kind of things Image. I said my parents about my thaughts regarding English and told i want to study CS Image. I had to promiss that i have to study there very seriously. At last in 2001 I took admission in East West UniversityImage.

When i attended the first lab of my programming course i had lot of problem moving the mouse and typing Image. When i completed that course, my Teacher Taskeed Jabid told me to join in the ACM Programming Group who do programming and participates in different national and international Programming competetions Image. I’ve got DIP in Yahoo! 360, who is an outstanding ACM programmer Image and MoIM a great software developer who writes in CodeProject, the no 1 source for learning Dot NET. I’d chance to read One of his Article related to NHibernate and Spring.NET

… That was the start of my programming career. In my 4 years of study i went to many Programming contests representing my university Image. When i was in my Final Year, I become fascinated of software development, then I used to Practeice ACM and Many Software development tools commonly used in our software industry in my spare time Image. I have heard many of my versity mates telling that … ‘There is a lot of time, we will prepare ourself for industry after we pass‘… which is totally wrong! Image

Anyway, i got a job in a reputed software company while i was attending my Final Exam of my final semester… Image Didn’t get any time for enjoyment after my graduation Image. And Those who told that they will prepare themself for software industry after graduation had to wait to some extent to get there job and was very frustrated Image. In most of the time this is the common case.

I want to tell that, Industry people won’t recruit anyone if they has more better choice then him Image. Those who are from Computer Science background, don’t get frustrated. Our ICT industry is the most growing sector of our country and will keep growing for the next years… Image Just get yourself used to the tools used in software industry… you can do some small development works to demonstrate that you are capable Image.

I still enjoy to code Image… though current job is not development related … I still use to develop small tools and softwares for my personal use … If anyone require any help regarding programming you can contact me anytime Image, I will try my best to help you, If it is within my knowledge Image.