Yes!, they have done it again …

It’s not an old story, how they have struck the music player industry with there handy iPod. At present apple owns 82% of the market in US and off-course they are the leaders…

You may wonder, whats new they have done! Yes, the new surprise is iPhone. In my opinion this is the slickest phone i have ever seen.

  • It’s an iPod with 4 or 8 GB storage
  • Has Camera of 2 MP
  • Has high end Internet browser
  • Powerd by OS-X
  • Multi touch screen support

They are planning to provide it in an affordable price ( around 500$ ) compared to nokia and SonyErricson

Because it’s OS is Mac OS-X, It’s software market might not be there initially but i am prety much sure, as long as it will be out in the market, softwares for this platform will also will be available very soon !

I think it’s surely gonna be an headache for Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erricson like companies…
What do you think