Last friday & saterday I attended a picnic from my office . The spot was the jomuna resort a nice place to be in …

The Environment was awesome. we all enjoyed a lot in that picnic…. there was lots of programms like River cruise, Games like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Busket Ball, Badminton, TT etc). and not to mention the Music show and DJ …

To me the the most interesting part of the picnic was the river cruise… I never had any chance of seeing the Jomuna Bridge from the river Jomuna . And Playing Tennis … I found some sort of telent in myself while playing tennis … and also swiming in the pool being exhausted playing tennis

Anyway, the blog will become very BIG if i describe all those stuffs…. so added some pics … have a look …

In Front of the House
The House where i lived.
Playing tennis  :P
Playing tennis isn’s easy
Great View of the sun
Jomuna Bridge from Jomuna River
River Cruise
Having Some nice Time (Noel & Sana)
Under the Bridge
Very Close under the bridge!
Sun Going Down
The sunset From the bank of Jomuna
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