Our last journey to Cox’s Bazaar was in September 15th’ 2006 . That wasn’t a bad tour though we were almost caught by the cyclone !!

That tour was very much preplanned and this time we are going to Kuakata! Last 2/3 days we were in a very shaky position and was checking the weather forecasts, as the sky was not behaving well … You all know how falgun came among us with a surprise of complete rainy day

Yesterday when i heard that emergency flag no 2 has been displayed … i talked with suporno (The Organizer) about the risk factors of the tour and we decided to see todays sky and our decision will be determined by today’s sky!!

Well, Till the writings of the blog the sky was rocking with almost no cloud in it ! So, you can surely imagine what the decision is

Yes, we are going … Hope to have lots of fun over there … please pray for us such that we can come back well and share the experiences with you….