Yes, We are back. After having lots of fun and amusement from Kuakata Tour We came back to Dhaka on 19th February .

We stayed there for 4 days … We watched the sunrise, sunset, Went to Sundarbans and taking photos with sundori … went to the dry fish makers village also .

In the tour, we njoyed some new fishes named ‘Lariya’ & ‘Bhogni’ … Very interesting names …

For watching sunrise we went to a place name ‘Gongamoti’. It’s an amazing place to be in … It was a more beautiful place then the ‘Inani beach’ in Cox’s Bazaar.

To be frank, the tour was more like a visit to a relative’s home. The reception by the uncle of Suporno was unspeakable …

They took care of us all the time since we get down from the launch and get into the launch while departing. If they weren’t with us we might not have enjoyed this much as they have guided us about the places where we can go …

Overall, The tour was a very successful one. Had very comfortable journeys as we took cabins in the Launch named ‘Sundorbon’. Interestingly We took the same rooms in the same launch in both of our journeys (going and coming).

I don’t want to write full description of each and every day about whatwe did over there. If you are interested to know please read this blog

Here are some of the Shots taken by my Nokia 3250

Sunset from the launch
Sunset while we are Onboard and departing from potuakhali

Sunset from the launch
Sunset from the launch while we were departing

In the time of sunset
In Kuakata Beach

Potoakhali In morning
In the morning when the launch reached potuakhali

The rope from the Feri to the bank
From the feri

Lincon n Atiq during sunrise
During sunrise in Gongamoti

Running for Potoakhali
Journey from Kuakata to Potuakhali

A Tree (Lonely)
Shot taken while we were coming back from kuakata to potuakhali

Lincon's Back
The poem written in the back of Linchon

During Sunrise
During the sunset in Gongamoti

River passed beside supornos home
The river passed by the home of suporno in Potuakhali

Me & Driver Uncle, Supornos Uncle (Right)
Me with supornos uncle (Right) and the driver uncle (2nd from left)


In Sodorghat
In sodorghat

While Coming back from Potuakhali

In Burigonga River