It’s been a long time since i’ve written my last blog . Last few days, i was trying to write a blog but failed . I think yahoo should have an option like Save blog as draft so that, at least bloggers like me can post some writings.

Heaven of Bangladesh ... Rangamati
Picture: Heaven in Bangladesh !! Captured while we were going to Shuvolong Fountain

Anyway, I just came from Rangamati last Sunday. It’s an amazing place to be in … for vacation … we five me, atiq, hasan, mafiz and awveek stayed there for two nights and three days. The cottage where we stayed is in a bank of a lake creating an amazing view.

Front Lake view from the dining room
Picture: Front Lake view from the dining room of the cottage

The facilities we had is amazing it can be easily compared with a 5 star hotel. The wall of the rooms were of glasses ….

Between the edges
Picture: This Lake is visible from the coridoor of the Cottage we stayed.

Just Imagine… It’s 9 PM, lights of the room are turned off and it’s raining outside and sometimes lightnings from the sky are been visible through the glasses … Amazing nah? This is just a glimpse of the whole tour… The nature was in our favor as there was not a single drop of rain in the whole day but it rained at night … It seemed nature was entertaining us with all it’s beauty …

Preparation for the sunset or the storm ?
Picture: Captured during Sunset @ Kaaptai

Went to different places e.g: Shuvolong, Kaaptai, Porjoton and other places. We all did enjoyed the tour a lot and not to mention the photography. we captured some amazing beauties of Rangamati.

Here are some captures …

Light From Heaven ...
Picture: This Amazing Golden Sunset was captured in Kaptai

We all @ Rangamati Porjoton Bridge
Picture: We all @ Porjoton Bridge Rangamati