Eid Mobarak | عيدكم مبارك (by radiant guy)

Day started with the call from my ma to get up and go to the Namaz of Eid ul Azha

It was too cold, and was hard to get off from the warm bed. anyways, took the shower and prepared for the namaz. as usual me with my bro and Father went to mosque. the namaz ended around 8:40 AM.

When i was back home, I found a huge chaos people were hurrying to sacrifice the cattles as the Huzur was in a great Hurry. within 20 mins the place tunred into a massacre. there were 11 slaughtered cattles in the same place. and people started to process those.

Usually i don’t participate in the processing slaughtered cattles. But, this time, I couldn’t able to refrain from participating. this was a new experience …

around 2:30 we finished processing the cattles. and the food was ready. we took the food. and had my shower again. was too tired, and moved straight into the bed…

My eldest sis joined us in dinner at night. had some nice time all together with brother in law, nephew and niece . They left around 11:00 PM.

This was it … a dal and tiring eid day.