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Next gen in the possation

Before 2008, every 21st February morning was a Sleepy and dull to me … going over the breakfast and tea … have some chit chat with siblings and parents … to say in a simple word, it was an usual holiday

But, this year, me with my friend went to the provat feri, it was really a great feeling to be in the possessions of the people who are going to show love/honor the language martyrs … who sacrificed there lives to uphold the mother tung in 1952… as the ruling west Pakistan wanted to establish Urdu as the national language for both part of Pakistan. That fighting spirit eventually fired up the desire to be a liberate country. and the triumph held in 1971, the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Sohid Minar

Back to the topic, It was a joyful day, me with Atiq, Mafiz was there in the DU Campus for the whole day. there were one prominent color (Black) the sign of sorrow among all the people who gathered there. In parallel it was a coloful day too with tattoos (picture of the monument (Sohid minar) constructed in the killing site ) in many people chick.

Hridoye Ekush

Me as a hobbyiest photographer didn’t had a good day like 21st February before, there were so many people around, so many moments to capture, great opportunity if you see the event from a photographers point of view.

while going out for the event, i wasn’t sure which lens to take with my magic box (camera) . recently i bought a telephoto lens, and i went with that, the result were awesome. At the end of the day, i ended up with some nice portraits. it was an excellent experience, and definitely i will be there in 2009 if i am alive … !