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Tuesday, 30th September. I was watching  the news in TV whether eid will be observed on 1st October or not. It wasn’t a big surprise to me when i heard that tomorrow is not gonna be the EID day… So, an extra day off and had nothing to do on that day ..

Their was no plan for the 1st october and i was thinking of what can be done. I came up with the idea of a photowalk … 😀 ..  i discussed with Neaz and arranged a conferance call with Sudipta da. 3 venues were in the short list (Kamalapur, Mohakhali & Satarkul) … after some discussion we finalized Kamalapur as the spot!

It was a very short notice and posted the news in Chit-Chat thread of Through The Lens: Bangladesh, a flickr based photography group. Eight of the members showed their interest and the time for the meet up was set to 1st October, 10 AM @Kamalapur Station.

participants were Me, Neaz, Sudipta da, Sharif Bhai, Kamal Bhai, Milton, Adit & Tahmid Bhai.

1st October: It was a very hot and humid day, whatever the condition was, we all were there by 10:20. and started the shooting. Kamalapur is always a special place for photographers for shooting lifestyle shots. As EID was supposed to be observed today. the station was almost blank. though there were many passengers waiting for the train to go home.

There were Subjects all around. with no delay everyone unleashed their cannons … 😀 and started the shooting… I never shoot in kamalapur before. and i like shooting portraits and lifestyle images… so, i felt like i am in heaven of subjects … lol

As we all were fasting (it was the month of Ramadan) it wasn’t very comfortable shooting in the hot weather for a long time with very high humid situation. we shoot there almost for 2 hour and returned back home..

here are some of my efforts …