Sonargaon (Bangla: সোনারগাঁও) is the ancient capital of Isa Khan’s kingdom in Bengal. located near the current-day city of Narayanganj, Bangladesh. It is the eastern terminus of the Grand Trunk Road, which was built by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century, and which extends approximately 2500 kilometres across northern India and Pakistan to Peshawar in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province.
(Source: wikipedia)

Entrance of Past
Image: Entrance of Panam nagar.

I visited the place in 2006. and after two years i see a huge contrast between the changes the city has has gone through in this two years…

A walk from the Past
Image: A lady passing through a narrow pathway.

when i visited the city last time there was more contrast on the walls, but this time some reconstruction has been made to preserve the lost city from being destroyed. resulting in a mixed texture (new and old).

Broken and almost destroyed
Image: Almost destroyed.

most of the buildings were restricted for public to enter. Though i wasn’t able to shoot as i wanted, this indeed gave me the feeling that this will ensure the city to be standing for some more days

Image: Most of the buildings were inaccessible for public as they were locked
still there lives some people under huge risk, as the building might fall down anytime. Till the last political government it was often seen that many people living in those semi-destroyed buildings, After the caretaker government took the authority, they had to leave there place.

Looking back to past (Sonargaon, Bangladesh)
Image: A lady standing on top of a building tanning in the late afternoon’s sun.

Working Lady
Image: A working lady inside.

As the political government has took over again, now they all are coming back to the place to live the dangerous life.

The Look
Image: Strange look

Those very poor people don’t have any particular place to go, rather they find comfort finding a place to stay, no matter how many risk is involved in their living.

Moment of Joy from the Ruins of Panam Nagar
Image: A moment of joy, as the little boy was playing in front of house.

Interestingly I found some election posters hanging in those old buildings.

Electing Whom?
Image: Electing Whom?