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Few weeks back I purchased a new Samsung LCD monitor (T190) to get a better photo editing experience. It was going well till i installed the Samsung monitor calibration software(s)

– Natural Color PRO

First of all it got installed without any problem and there was an icon in the system tray bar. when i tried to open it, there were no response. I felt like there were no effect of the software. So, i removed the software and restarted the PC. Everything seemed fine till i opened the windows picture gallery application. The background color of the picture gallery looked tinted like sepia and the colors seemed a bit warm … To be confirm that my calibration isn’t ok, i opened Photoshop. During the application startup PS registered an warning like, “Your monitors color profile has some problems” … I gnored the warning and opened a b&w image in photoshop. Then i got sure that, my monitor really has problem in it’s white balance/calibaration.

Now, What to do?

Asked my best friend google and he came up with milions of results … 😛 I found many such cases for Samsung calibaration software and Vista x64. but, this post solved my problem.

1. Press the Start button.
2. Type in “Color Management” this should come up with the color management applet link
3. Tick “Use my settings for this device” to be able to remove, change or set new color profiles.
4. Remove the existing color profiles.
5. Add the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile.
6. Set as default.
7. Exit and reboot.

Now the problem got solved. thanks to My digital life blog

sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is the default/generic color profile for most of the display devices. I am looking forward to the samsungs updated software that runs on Vista x64. Hope, someday they will come up with the solution ….

Use my settings for this device to be able to remove, change or set new color profiles.