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Some TTLers are out of BD in our TTLs first international tour. Some of the unlucky guys missed the tour and some of like us didn’t join because of some personal causes.

Now, what will we do … … ?

Oh yah! … we can arrange a photowalk. a photowalk to Karwanbazar, the largest whole sale market of Dhaka, The retail prices of comodities fluctuates according to karwanbazaars rate. Basically the market starts to become crowded in the midnight. the sale goes till the morning. Some TTLers went there to cover the details of the evening. Now, let’s have a different plan. we will go there in the morning….

yah! tomorrow morning (19-June-2009) at 6:30 AM …

The initial confirmed participants are:

1. Tahmid Munaz
2. Sanjeed bhai
3. Ahmed Sharif (tentative)
4. Kamrul Hasan
5. Neaz Ahmed
6. Saud Al Faisal