I have been facing this issue on iTunes store while installing/purchasing apps in App Store.

I was clueless, about the root cause of the problem, since lately there had been blockage in social sites due to security reasons in my country. I thought intentionally iTunes store server had been blocked.

Did some research about the topic on internet. found out several tips saying:

  • Make sure iOS is updated to most recent version.
  • General -> Date & Time -> Set Automatically (Turn ON)
    • Also specify the time zone you are currently residing in
  • Some You Tuber guy also suggested to change the DNS server address of internet connection (Wi-Fi) to public DNS (Google DNS) or
    • I didn’t find a way to modify DNS server address of cellular connection though!
  • Tried with a VPN bypass to check whether iTunes Store is actually blocked or not. below is the url. Please be cautious about the your personal data security. since these are free and random in the internet.

Then i came to know that, App store server was not blocked. Finally i did a very basic thing.

Just restarted my phone, and voila!

i was able to connect to iTunes store without anything needing to change. 🙂