The lost city revisited


Sonargaon (Bangla: সোনারগাঁও) is the ancient capital of Isa Khan’s kingdom in Bengal. located near the current-day city of Narayanganj, Bangladesh. It is the eastern terminus of the Grand Trunk Road, which was built by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century, and which extends approximately 2500 kilometres across northern India and Pakistan to Peshawar in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province.
(Source: wikipedia)

Entrance of Past
Image: Entrance of Panam nagar.

I visited the place in 2006. and after two years i see a huge contrast between the changes the city has has gone through in this two years…

A walk from the Past
Image: A lady passing through a narrow pathway.

when i visited the city last time there was more contrast on the walls, but this time some reconstruction has been made to preserve the lost city from being destroyed. resulting in a mixed texture (new and old).

Broken and almost destroyed
Image: Almost destroyed.

most of the buildings were restricted for public to enter. Though i wasn’t able to shoot as i wanted, this indeed gave me the feeling that this will ensure the city to be standing for some more days

Image: Most of the buildings were inaccessible for public as they were locked
still there lives some people under huge risk, as the building might fall down anytime. Till the last political government it was often seen that many people living in those semi-destroyed buildings, After the caretaker government took the authority, they had to leave there place.

Looking back to past (Sonargaon, Bangladesh)
Image: A lady standing on top of a building tanning in the late afternoon’s sun.

Working Lady
Image: A working lady inside.

As the political government has took over again, now they all are coming back to the place to live the dangerous life.

The Look
Image: Strange look

Those very poor people don’t have any particular place to go, rather they find comfort finding a place to stay, no matter how many risk is involved in their living.

Moment of Joy from the Ruins of Panam Nagar
Image: A moment of joy, as the little boy was playing in front of house.

Interestingly I found some election posters hanging in those old buildings.

Electing Whom?
Image: Electing Whom?


Photowalk: Kamalapur Dhaka


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Tuesday, 30th September. I was watching  the news in TV whether eid will be observed on 1st October or not. It wasn’t a big surprise to me when i heard that tomorrow is not gonna be the EID day… So, an extra day off and had nothing to do on that day ..

Their was no plan for the 1st october and i was thinking of what can be done. I came up with the idea of a photowalk … 😀 ..  i discussed with Neaz and arranged a conferance call with Sudipta da. 3 venues were in the short list (Kamalapur, Mohakhali & Satarkul) … after some discussion we finalized Kamalapur as the spot!

It was a very short notice and posted the news in Chit-Chat thread of Through The Lens: Bangladesh, a flickr based photography group. Eight of the members showed their interest and the time for the meet up was set to 1st October, 10 AM @Kamalapur Station.

participants were Me, Neaz, Sudipta da, Sharif Bhai, Kamal Bhai, Milton, Adit & Tahmid Bhai.

1st October: It was a very hot and humid day, whatever the condition was, we all were there by 10:20. and started the shooting. Kamalapur is always a special place for photographers for shooting lifestyle shots. As EID was supposed to be observed today. the station was almost blank. though there were many passengers waiting for the train to go home.

There were Subjects all around. with no delay everyone unleashed their cannons … 😀 and started the shooting… I never shoot in kamalapur before. and i like shooting portraits and lifestyle images… so, i felt like i am in heaven of subjects … lol

As we all were fasting (it was the month of Ramadan) it wasn’t very comfortable shooting in the hot weather for a long time with very high humid situation. we shoot there almost for 2 hour and returned back home..

here are some of my efforts …

21st February, 2008


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Next gen in the possation

Before 2008, every 21st February morning was a Sleepy and dull to me … going over the breakfast and tea … have some chit chat with siblings and parents … to say in a simple word, it was an usual holiday

But, this year, me with my friend went to the provat feri, it was really a great feeling to be in the possessions of the people who are going to show love/honor the language martyrs … who sacrificed there lives to uphold the mother tung in 1952… as the ruling west Pakistan wanted to establish Urdu as the national language for both part of Pakistan. That fighting spirit eventually fired up the desire to be a liberate country. and the triumph held in 1971, the liberation war of Bangladesh.

Sohid Minar

Back to the topic, It was a joyful day, me with Atiq, Mafiz was there in the DU Campus for the whole day. there were one prominent color (Black) the sign of sorrow among all the people who gathered there. In parallel it was a coloful day too with tattoos (picture of the monument (Sohid minar) constructed in the killing site ) in many people chick.

Hridoye Ekush

Me as a hobbyiest photographer didn’t had a good day like 21st February before, there were so many people around, so many moments to capture, great opportunity if you see the event from a photographers point of view.

while going out for the event, i wasn’t sure which lens to take with my magic box (camera) . recently i bought a telephoto lens, and i went with that, the result were awesome. At the end of the day, i ended up with some nice portraits. it was an excellent experience, and definitely i will be there in 2009 if i am alive … !

Stretched !


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It’s now February 26th, 2008 11:00PM

Still at office to do some roll out stuffs after 00:00 hours. In company with some colleagues who were my dept mate until 26th February, Due to some changes in organizational structure, i have moved into new dept. with some new responsibilities. Today is the last session we are working as a part of the same team…

It’s really hard and painful being @work whole day long and continue till the next morning. I am stretched to the limit. My brain is not working … just had some chit chat with one of my friend in Msgr. dont know what i have said … lol .. but that was refreshing … 🙂

Didn’t realize the pain of the operational guys who stays overnight in workplace to make sure that the business is running smoothly … In most of the cases the effort from those guys are overlooked just because they are operational people. Am feeling lucky that, i am not one of them …

Activities from my side is yet to begin… so what i can do? ….. Yes, i can dive into the internet 😀 … to get lost into something/some topic which i don’t know yet …

Let’s start digging ( ..

EiD ul Azha 2007



Eid Mobarak | عيدكم مبارك (by radiant guy)

Day started with the call from my ma to get up and go to the Namaz of Eid ul Azha

It was too cold, and was hard to get off from the warm bed. anyways, took the shower and prepared for the namaz. as usual me with my bro and Father went to mosque. the namaz ended around 8:40 AM.

When i was back home, I found a huge chaos people were hurrying to sacrifice the cattles as the Huzur was in a great Hurry. within 20 mins the place tunred into a massacre. there were 11 slaughtered cattles in the same place. and people started to process those.

Usually i don’t participate in the processing slaughtered cattles. But, this time, I couldn’t able to refrain from participating. this was a new experience …

around 2:30 we finished processing the cattles. and the food was ready. we took the food. and had my shower again. was too tired, and moved straight into the bed…

My eldest sis joined us in dinner at night. had some nice time all together with brother in law, nephew and niece . They left around 11:00 PM.

This was it … a dal and tiring eid day.

A new begining …

I have decided. I wont continue there anymore. Would u invest something if you know that all the investment will go in vein?

Yes, I am talking about Yahoo 360! a combination of social networking and Blogging. But they are not investing on it anymore, as they have plan to reshape the concept to something like Mash! A real crap.

I had plan to here what Yahoo! Says about the migration plan for the cutover of Yahoo 360. But can’t wait anymore. I have so many things to write. so, I switched. I switched to wordpress. hoping for a new and stable blogging experience …