“Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”on iOS 9.1

I have been facing this issue on iTunes store while installing/purchasing apps in App Store.

I was clueless, about the root cause of the problem, since lately there had been blockage in social sites due to security reasons in my country. I thought intentionally iTunes store server had been blocked.

Did some research about the topic on internet. found out several tips saying:

  • Make sure iOS is updated to most recent version.
  • General -> Date & Time -> Set Automatically (Turn ON)
    • Also specify the time zone you are currently residing in
  • Some You Tuber guy also suggested to change the DNS server address of internet connection (Wi-Fi) to public DNS (Google DNS) or
    • I didn’t find a way to modify DNS server address of cellular connection though!
  • Tried with a VPN bypass to check whether iTunes Store is actually blocked or not. below is the url. Please be cautious about the your personal data security. since these are free and random in the internet.

Then i came to know that, App store server was not blocked. Finally i did a very basic thing.

Just restarted my phone, and voila!

i was able to connect to iTunes store without anything needing to change. 🙂


Oh Wow!

A nostalgic revisit to the blog stream. don’t really write these days. but, i loved reading through the memories encapsulated in digital envelopes of 1’s and 0’s

Little Solider!

I always love to go through old photographs. Almost every day i visit my captured photographs which were taken long back. It’s really interesting to find how i have developed my photography skills and perception towards a photograph!

An Old photograph might look totally different and aesthetically interesting
Little Soldier
This was one. Actually i didn’t had any new photograph to share and this old one looked interesting to me now!

Hope you will enjoy!


An outing is long due to get myself refreshed. Feeling bored with my regular life activities. Nothing significant beyond the job thing. Planned to go Kuakata on 22-23rd July, couldn’t manage due to bad weather.

Ramadan is knocking at the door and i have only one weekend which is already booked with so much activity. Perhaps i will need to go to outing after the Ramadan. 😦

A Come Back?

I’ve been trying to come back to blogging world. couldn’t manage my time… Actually i didn’t feel any inspiration for this … From now on, i will try to write regularly. It’s a very good way of releasing your events and happenings which gets lost in time …

Recently i’ve been in social sites; interacting with friends and having nice hangouts, taking photos and getting them shared in Facebook and bla bla … So many contents generated and those things also getting lost in the long run of time.

Have you every tried to track back your memories through Facebook statuses … ?

it’s very hard to find them in a single stack. There comes the strength of writing, you write your thoughts and you get them in your blog. Hope i will be able to stick with it this time … 😛

Bangladesh Daylight Saving: Patch for Windows based systems (XP, Vista, Windows Server)


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As per the announcement from Bangladesh Government, the clock will move 1 hour advance to save on Electricity consumption during evening peak hours. the decision will be effective from 19th June, 2009 11:00 PM. In response to the decision microsoft and other software/hardware vendors has come up with the solutions/patches. You can do it manually by advancing the clock on 19th June 11:oo PM and adjust the time again when the DST is over.

To make the life easier, you can install a tiny little fix to the daylight saving feature here (KB 972423) Size: 640 KB

Note: As the government hasn’t decided the end date of the Daylight saving decision, this patch does not contains end date specified as 31st December, 2009. Microsoft will release another patch after the declaration has been made by the government.

let’s have a photowalk :D


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Some TTLers are out of BD in our TTLs first international tour. Some of the unlucky guys missed the tour and some of like us didn’t join because of some personal causes.

Now, what will we do … … ?

Oh yah! … we can arrange a photowalk. a photowalk to Karwanbazar, the largest whole sale market of Dhaka, The retail prices of comodities fluctuates according to karwanbazaars rate. Basically the market starts to become crowded in the midnight. the sale goes till the morning. Some TTLers went there to cover the details of the evening. Now, let’s have a different plan. we will go there in the morning….

yah! tomorrow morning (19-June-2009) at 6:30 AM …

The initial confirmed participants are:

1. Tahmid Munaz
2. Sanjeed bhai
3. Ahmed Sharif (tentative)
4. Kamrul Hasan
5. Neaz Ahmed
6. Saud Al Faisal

Samsung T190 calibration problem in Vista x64 and resolution


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Few weeks back I purchased a new Samsung LCD monitor (T190) to get a better photo editing experience. It was going well till i installed the Samsung monitor calibration software(s)

– Natural Color PRO

First of all it got installed without any problem and there was an icon in the system tray bar. when i tried to open it, there were no response. I felt like there were no effect of the software. So, i removed the software and restarted the PC. Everything seemed fine till i opened the windows picture gallery application. The background color of the picture gallery looked tinted like sepia and the colors seemed a bit warm … To be confirm that my calibration isn’t ok, i opened Photoshop. During the application startup PS registered an warning like, “Your monitors color profile has some problems” … I gnored the warning and opened a b&w image in photoshop. Then i got sure that, my monitor really has problem in it’s white balance/calibaration.

Now, What to do?

Asked my best friend google and he came up with milions of results … 😛 I found many such cases for Samsung calibaration software and Vista x64. but, this post solved my problem.

1. Press the Start button.
2. Type in “Color Management” this should come up with the color management applet link
3. Tick “Use my settings for this device” to be able to remove, change or set new color profiles.
4. Remove the existing color profiles.
5. Add the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile.
6. Set as default.
7. Exit and reboot.

Now the problem got solved. thanks to My digital life blog

sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is the default/generic color profile for most of the display devices. I am looking forward to the samsungs updated software that runs on Vista x64. Hope, someday they will come up with the solution ….

Use my settings for this device to be able to remove, change or set new color profiles.

Relieved … :)

Starting from the scratch requires some inspiration/motivation. I am glad that i didn’t had to start from the zero. You must be pondering, what i am talking about ! … let me clear you a bit …

Yahoo launched a service with the blending of blogging, social networking, photo sharing named as Yahoo! 360. Don’t know why i started blogging on that platform. Anyway, it happened ….. Since i started to drift towards photography, blogging lost it’s focus from me. In the eve of 2008, Yahoo declared that, they won’t provide any support to 360… and that intensified the disregardness towards blogging.

I wanted to somehow migrate the blog to somewhere else. looked for some tool that can copy the 360 blog and import to more blog focused platform like wordpress/blogger…. I failed and almost lost my hope regarding the migration.

I was skeptic, yet hopeful that, yahoo might come up with some migration plan for the existing users. Last week i visited my old blog and found that, they have already came up with some migration plans …

I was happy as anything to get the option to migrate the blog to wordpress. now those old posts are all imported .. ! and i am relieved.